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September 2018

Is Shattered Innocence a Pre-requisite to Teaching a Child About Philanthropy?

The short answer is--yes.

January 2016

When No Is The Right Thing To Say

I'm guessing that between your computer inbox and your traditional mailbox, you probably receive 30+ solicitations a week right about now.

November 2015


What we leave behind, along with how and when we do it, is something we've all pondered

August 2015


It's tempting to try to make the world a better place, or at least alleviate some of the suffering around us, one by one. Please. Resist the urge. You don't have the bandwidth. None of us do.

April 2015

Philanthropy: Anything but blasé.

When you think about those things in life we come about in a completely natural way, some fairly blasé experiences come to mind:

March   2014

Jewish Philanthropists Make Good Global Citizens, And We Should Be Happy About That

Article written by Carol Davidson

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